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Licensed Pre-Listing Home Inspector Services Birmingham, Alabama

Pre-Listing Inspections | Avoid Selling Delays

We’re seeing more and more Alabama home sellers requesting pre-listing inspections. Why? Because a home inspection is probably one of the most common reasons buyers and sellers have to return to the negotiating table after an initial offer. The fact is, buyers hold all the cards right after an inspection. Completing a pre-listing inspection puts you, the seller, back in the driver’s seat. Birmingham sellers who complete a pre-listing inspection can go ahead and complete needed repairs before receiving an offer on their home. You get to choose your own contractors and get the work done before you list.

But Shouldn’t The Buyer Schedule Inspections?

Not necessarily. As the seller, you might have a direct financial benefit from scheduling a pre-listing home inspection. Once the listed repairs are complete, you might be able to justify an increase in asking price. You should also consider first impressions of your property by prospective buyers. You wouldn’t want someone doing a walk-through to find a faulty outlet or missing siding. They might decide to look at other homes instead of putting in an offer on yours. Avoid the potential discovery of problems by a prospective buyer during a home showing by completing repairs first.

Another thing to consider is safety. As the current owner, you might be held responsible for any injury to a buyer or their agent while they are touring your property. A pre-listing inspection will uncover things like missing guardrails or damaged flooring that might pose a risk. Above all, pre-listing home inspections for Birmingham, AL sellers offers peace of mind at a time that might be stressful enough already for you and your family.

What Your Pre-Listing Inspection Covers?

A pre-listing inspection covers the same areas of your home that a buyer initiated inspection would. It can help avoid any doubt or uncertainty on the buyers part when you bring your report to the table. At AB Home Inspections we literally check everything from A to B: Attics to Basements and everything in-between. We provide on-site or same day reports so you can get your home listed ASAP. Here’s what you will find on your report:

  • Roof Inspection Report
  • Kitchen Appliances Report
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection Findings
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection Findings
  • Attic and/or Crawlspace Ventilation
  • Plumbing Inspection Report
  • Electrical Safety Analysis
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Structure Inspection
  • Easy-to-understand checklists
  • Color Photos

We’ve been providing pre-listing home inspections to Birmingham area sellers since 2000. Leverage our years of experience to make selling your home a stress-free experience.