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A B Home Inspections, Inc. – Birmingham, Alabama Home Inspections

(Inspecting Attics to Basements in the Birmingham and surrounding areas)
Birmingham Home Inspectors Commercial Buildings Inspection company

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We’re here for all your home and commercial building inspection needs in the Birmingham area. Make the right choice before you buy your home. Make your choice A B Home Inspections, Inc. Because we have been helping home buyers with peace of mind since 2000 you can give you peace of mind too. Birmingham Commercial buildings inspections company.

Home Inspection Report – What’s in it?

Your detailed report is divided into 10 key sections including Building Structure, Exterior, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Air Condition, Insulation, Ventilation, Roof, and Built-in-kitchen appliances. Your report will include easy to understand checklists, narratives, and color photographs to guide your decision making. We’ve been inspection residential and commercial buildings since 2000. A B Home Inspection’s professional and certified inspectors have the knowledge, experience, resources, and background to give your property a thorough inspection. You have enough stress going on between work, family, packing boxes, and gathering required mortgage documents. Let us give you some peace of mind with a detailed analysis of your future home.

Home Inspections for New Home Buyers in Birmingham, Alabama

You should know what you are buying! A new home is probably one of the largest purchases you will make. You have already spent a lot of time finding a great location, deciding on must-have features, selecting a realtor, local schools, house hunting, and mortgage pre-approval. It’s a tiring experience, hut? Now that you have a property in mind, the next step is just as important. Choosing a qualified, reliable inspection company is just as important as picking out a great Real Estate Agent. Your Home Inspector’s job is to provide information to guide your final decision-making process. You must be aware of potential safety issues or costly repair issues before you close the deal! When you’re buying a home in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, be sure to get a quality home inspections repair before you commit to buy.
We are a Birmingham Residental and Commercial Buildings Inspection company

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Inspecting attics to basements in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Contact us or schedule an inspection online today and let us help you make your dream house a home!